Hello! Thanks for the interest in my game!

Flippin' Burgers is a burger juggling game, where you need to assemble the burgers according to the clients' orders while keep the ingredients from falling onto the floor.

As with basically all the games I've made, it's rather hard to describe with words, so I'll just let the following .gif do the talking :))

Hope you'll like it!

I've also released the source code for it, if you're interested in seeing how it's made, as well as 2 prototypes that I have deconstructed and analysed in the 'more about this game' section of the menu.

Install instructions

Android:   Run the .apk file.  If it says "Install Blocked", go into Settings - Security and turn on Unknown Sources. (After the game is installed, it can be turned back off)

To open the prototypes and the final version's source code you need to have Unity 2019.1.0f2 installed.


Flippin' Burgers.apk 80 MB
Flippin' Burgers - Source Code.zip 104 MB
Flippin' Burgers (Prototype v1).zip 15 MB
Flippin' Burgers (Prototype v2).zip 46 MB

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